A fascinating Smartphone – Samsung Galaxy S7!

Samsung Galaxy S7!

 Do you know that Galaxy S7 would be a fascinating Smartphone? It would have alluring features, captivating body, awesome, battery, and fabulous camera. It would not be wrong to call it a flawless model. Can’t believe to see so many extraordinary features in a single Smartphone? Find it yourself:
Introduction: The Galaxy S7is an upcoming model of the fantastic Galaxy S series. A lot of expectations are made from this latest model, as Galaxy S6 could not excel and Samsung would not allow its failure to repeat again. So be ready to find much more in its following model.

Time of release:  There is a speculation about the release in the month of March, when the Barcelona tech show is held.  But we are sharing secret news with you, that its release is proposed to be 2-3 months ahead of the scheduled date. So, be ready to embrace this magnificent piece at the end of 2015.

Price: You might think, that how can anyone tell the product which is not even released? Well, well, well, you are right, but if we observe the fashion in the there is hike in the price; it would be around 649 pound.

Design:  The Galaxy S7would be probably designed with a grandeur appearance in a metal and steel body.

Body (Build): You can also expect a makeover in its body. A waterproof body is expected. The enhancement in the microsd slot is quite certain. Its battery would also be remarkable. We can also expect to find curved technology in this. The reversible USB Type C is also quite likely. 

Memory:  You can expect to get the wonderful 4GB RAM in it.
Storage: The storage options can be there, 32 or 64 GB.        
Processor: Some people are accounting faults in Snapdragon 810 for the poor performance of Galaxy S6. They are speculating to get a processor by Samsung. But we can be sure in this respect to get Qualcomm Snapdragon 820as stated by Samsung head.

Screen:  An awesome screen with AMOLED technology of 5in is quite likely. 
Camera: There is a wide discussion about an astounding camera, with fabulous optical image stabilization. Anincredible16Mp sensor is also probable. 

Software:Android M and SUITouchWiz could be expected in Galaxy S7.
Do you believe now, that Galaxy S7 is certainly a fabulous handset, which would attain overwhelming welcome? If yes, be ready to buy one for you, to experience its real magic. 

Our endeavour was to unveil the alluring features of this upcoming model. We hope we could success a bit in our attempt. We regularly update the articles presented here, so that at your every visit, you would be able to get precise, real and trustworthy information about your technical products. Keep visiting us.

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