Australia is known for its hot and dry weather. While this may not seem to pose an obvious threat to domestic properties, houses are especially vulnerable to high winds, intense sunlight, and the occasional thunderstorms. From cracks and chipped off paint to mould growth and weakening structures, constant monitoring of such small-scale damage will save thousands in the future and keep human health and well-being safe.

Read on to find out how regular check-ups, maintenance and a little extra care – either in the form of roof repairs or manicured gardens, can domestic properties go a long way in ensuring a safe and stable habitable environment.

Starting from the top…

One of the most common forms of damage to roofs is the weakening of the structure due to excessive and invasive mould growth. This is most likely due to the high moisture levels seen in many parts of Australia. Since roofs are one of the first lines of defence, they need to be in pristine conditions. Not only do damaged roofs pose domestic properties a threat to inhabitants, but they also heavily downgrade the aesthetic and image of the home. So regular roof repairs when required will help maintain this integral structure.

Gutters, drains and pipes

Heavy rainfall, especially when accompanied by strong winds, can cause blockage and deterioration of drains, pipers and gutters on and around the exteriors of a house. Without regular unblocking/ cleaning, organic material can rot and create a stench on the property. They are also breeding groups for harmful microorganisms such as spores that can cause respiratory illnesses.

Blocked drains can also cause water leakage, corrosion, contamination and a whole host of other plumbing issues, especially if left untreated for too long.

Paints and protective coats

This is one of the most obvious parts of maintaining a house and arguably the most commonly done. Interestingly, this is important for both – the exterior as well as the interior of a house.

Exterior walls are exposed to the intense sun daily, and UV radiation can neutralise the paint’s colour and quality. Either investing in UV paints or painting the outside of a house in more reflective colours can help take care of a house.

The interior walls are not exposed to sunlight as much, so their problems vary. These walls are heavily exposed to moisture, which can cause fungal and mould growth. Hot just this, but having young kids at home means walls are never usually as bare and clean as they once looked. Not painting your walls for a long time can cause them to peel out and look very unappealing.

Re-painting these walls can help the structure look well cared for and protect them for longer too.

Upkeeps of lawns and gardens

It must be obvious by now how influential a well-manicured garden is to a new person. Shearing off long and unwanted branches will not only help you prevent injury, but they will also be safe for the house. Falling branches and twigs during high winds are one of the main contributors to roof repair damage. So keeping branches short and cutting off deadweight will keep not only the roofs safe but also minimise potential injury.

Lawns and gardens that are well-taken care of are undoubtedly a sight for sore eyes and kinder to nature. With the right amount of space, these patches can also cultivate home-grown produce and herbs.

Taking care of a property is fairly simple and doesn’t require much effort, but it is vital to be consistent with this upkeep.

Author: Hannah Gilbert

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