9 Best Power Tools For A Homeowner

Perhaps the hardest thing about being a DIY homeowner is taking care of every single thing in the house especially when something breaks, leaks or needs maintenance. Tools like hammers, screwdrivers, or even wrenches might serve you well in a one off situation, but eventually a time will come when you will have to shell out some money to acquire something with more muscle for accomplishing the task at hand. Thus, equipping yourself with a good team of power tools will go a long way in keeping your beautiful home in prime shape. Here are some power tools that are definite must haves for every homeowner in the world.
Circular Saw
Also known as skill saws, circular saws are power tools employed for trimming through fence posts, plywood, cutting wall openings and creating skylight holes. Moreover, you can cut through glass, wood, concrete, stucco, and even brick with a solid circular saw.
Palm Sander
Don’t you think that rubbing a regular old sandpaper along your projects wastes a lot of precious time? Well, a palm sander is a handy power tool that is a much easier and efficient way to smoothen out wood and give perfect finishing to it. It comprises of a super speedy orbital belt that is best fit for all sorts of uses.
Air Compressor
If you are an airbrushing fan, then this power tool will be your best friend. Not only can an air compressor be used to provide energy to multifarious tools, but it can be harnessed for sports equipment, pumping up bike tires, and blowing dust from small spaces. Believe me, an air compressor will perfectly fit into your bill unless you are in the habit of frequently doing heavy duty projects around the house.
Reciprocating saw
This hand held machine can blast through materials such as a drywall, wood, and solid metal. What’s more, one can easily cut through nails with reciprocating saws, making these power tools all the more indispensable for major repairs and    remodeling.
Battery Powered Drill
We all know using a manually powered screwdriver can be a hassle which is why, a battery powered drill is a much better alternative for blazing through everything from assembling furniture to hanging pictures. They are affordable, robust and will efficiently get most jobs done around the house.
Multi-master Tool
If your budget is tight or you don’t want to expend any more on expensive power tools, stocking up your home’s power tool supply with a multi-master tool will be your best decision yet. A Multi master tool can effortlessly scrape, saw, sand, cut, and polish without ever putting you in hazardous situation of losing a limb. These tools are favorited by people the world over for making home improvement projects quicker to complete and safer thanks to their versatility.
Having a reliable yet convenient power tool in the form of a jigsaw allows users to cut blocks of wood and other materials with curves. Jigsaws are also essential for making plunge cuts that are especially helpful for people who want to persist with their own remodeling.
Nah, we aren’t talking about the router sitting in your home for providing internet service. The router in limelight here is a small yet versatile power tool that boasts of a spinning bit for creating contours, cutting holes, shaping and finishing edges, etc.  With a router, making raised panels and details such as dovetails becomes supremely easy.
Compound Mitre Saw
Renowned as a chop saw among its legions of fans, a compound miter saw easily gets through lumber like butter. It is profoundly used to build furniture projects, remodeling purposes, trimming, repairing baseboards, and crown moulding. All in all this sturdy power tool is ideal for making accurate angle, bevel, and cross cuts.
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