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7 Upfront Reasons As To Why At All You Should Use A Cloud HR Software?

With the world progressing towards the cloud, the desktop will make you lose a lot!

When HR software was a new thing in the software market, people were quite resistant to it. Now, the market is gushed with HR software vendors and the businesses are embracing technology more and more. But, another issue has sprung. The software earlier used to be on premise only, however, the entry of cloud-based software has changed the landscape entirely. The employers now are resistant to the cloud-based HRMS software.

Failing to understand the true potential of the same, they argue that the cloud has security issues because of lack of control.

The facts though have something else to say. Almost 73% businesses across the globe use cloud-based software in at least one of their HR processes.

Is it really so?

Let us unfold the truth together in this blog where we tell you 7 upfront reasons as to why at all you should use a cloud-based HRMS software.

  • More secure-

When you have a cloud-based HR software, it is encrypted and a lot of other contingent measures are also there. The security and disaster management is quite high. The data is saved on the cloud and breaching it is very tough. However, when you are using an on-premise software you have full control and only you are responsible for the loss of data (chances of which are quite high). If you won’t have a backup in place, the consequences will be major.

  • Quick upgrade-

On-premise software upgrade requires a longer downtime and a lot of time of the organization while a cloud-based HRMS can easily upgrade the software in a few minutes of downtime. Moreover, the effort and time required from the company to upgrade the software are very less.

  • Cost saving-

This is the major benefit of using cloud-based software. The server cost, window licence cost and SQL server cost are not there. Moreover, there are no yearly costs for manpower, infrastructure storage, antivirus, firewall, bandwidth and static IP etc. Infact, recruitment and training costs and hardware replacement costs are also not involved. The cost saving is high and the ROI too. Tell us what is better than this for your business?

  • Time-saving-

Be it the implementation time, or the time taken to upgrade, it is way less than the time taken by on-premise software.  Apart from that, when you start using the software you see an evident change in the time used in doing the same HR tasks that were earlier done manually. Be it recruitment, payroll or anything else, automation undeniably does save time especially when it is on-cloud and mobile.

  • Better management-

The life of an HR gets more in order. With such software the management keeps getting better. The HR doesn’t need to search for files or any sort of documents. When management improves, productivity sores on its own.

  • Better insights-

Depending on the software you are using, there are many kinds of reports of importance that an HR software generates. Attrition report, payroll report, attendance YTD, and many more can be generated at the click of a button making it easy for an HR and employer to take crucial decisions necessary for the growth and sustainability of an organization.

  • Cost-effective-

Some HR software vendors offer very flexible pricing and membership plans. Trust us, even a startup can afford using it. We believe it is hard to not use such software as it has become more of a necessity now. The man hours it saves and the error-free process handling it does save a lot of your business expenses. The cost charged in lieu of these services is quite low. (not even the half of what you will save)

Make the right choice today!

Now that you know cloud-based HR software is viable enough, you must start getting serious about your plans to invest in an HR software even if you are a small business right now. To get more firm about your decision, know that one-third of the on-premise users are already planning to switch to the cloud over the next 12-18 months.

If you are still considering the long deployment time taken by on-premise HRMS, and high cost a constraint, know that they are a bygone with cloud software. Now you can invest in the cost-effective cloud-based HRMS without any hassle.

So, begin your search for the right HRMS software today. Should you need any assistance, get in touch.

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