7 Reasons Why Diet Soda Is Worse Than Regular Soda

If you want to drink soda, it is best that you choose the real thing instead of a diet version. Many people assume that diet sodas are healthier for weight loss. A new study from Purdue University indicates that the diet soda can cause many health issues including obesity and diabetes.
One Psychology and behavioral neuroscientist at Purdue has examined if drinking diet sodas contribute to people gaining weight, overeating and developing other health issues. One study shows that participants who drink diet soda are more likely to gain weight than people who drink real soda. Another study shows that diet soda can lead to people developing metabolic syndrome. This is a precursor to heart disease.
Side Effects of Diet Soda
Some researchers believe that it can be more harmful than the real thing because diet sodas can contain aspartame, sucralose, and saccharin. Consuming sweeteners can be bad for your health. You should always monitor how much you are consuming. Most people assume that because artificial sweeteners do not have calories or carbohydrates that they are good for your body. This assumption does not account for any physiological effects on the body. In fact, there are a few side effects of drinking diet sodas.
Kidney Problems
Harvard Medical School conducted an 11-year-long study that involved 3,000 women and diet soda. Researchers found that women who drank diet soda have a serious decline in kidney function. The decline happened in women who drank two sodas a day. Researchers suspect that the diet sweeteners found in diet sodas are responsible. There has to be more testing to be certain.
Messed-Up Metabolism
A study from the University of Minnesota shows that 34% of people have a higher risk of developing metabolic syndrome when they consume one diet soda a day. Symptoms of metabolic syndrome include high belly fat and high cholesterol. The syndrome also increases the chances of developing heart disease. Researchers are unclear why diet soda has this side effect.
Diet sodas are not a great choice if you want to lose weight. The University of Texas Health Science Center has conducted a study that has found that the more diet soda you drink has a positive correspondence with your weight gain. If you drink two or more cans a day, your waistline can increase by 500%. It is suggested that this is due to the artificial sweeteners disrupting the way your body regulates its calorie intake. They trick the body into believing it is eating sugar, and this triggers a craving for more sugar.
Rotting Teeth
Diet soda has an acidity of 3.2. Water is 7. Battery acid is 1. This acid can dissolve your tooth enamel. Once enamel is gone, it is never coming back. Soda can be diet, but it does not mean it does not have the same amount of acid as a regular soda. Adults who drink at least three sodas a day have some of the worst dental health in the country. Dental problems include missing teeth, more fillings, and greater tooth decay.
Cell Damage
Diet sodas have mold inhibitors. Mold inhibitors are absent in regular drinks. The problem with mold inhibitors is that they can cause severe damage to your DNA in the mitochondria. This can cause you to have hives, allergies, asthma and other allergic conditions.
A Bad Hangover
IF you drink a cocktail that contains a diet soda, you will be drunk faster. The sugar-free component of the diet soda helps the alcohol mix into your bloodstream faster. You will have a bigger buzz and a more powerful hangover.
Reproductive Issues
Sodas, in general, come with this side effect. Soda can are covered with endocrine disruptor bisphenol A. This is linked to reproductive problems and heart disease. You are increasing your risk of having either when you pop soda.
Drinking diet soda is not the smart choice for weight loss. It is the wrong choice. If you are craving soda, it is best to drink the real thing instead of the diet version. The real soda is bad for you, but it is not as bad a diet soda. Therefore, it is best for you to find alternatives to both regular and diet sodas. Water has great benefits, and it is zero calories.

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