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7 Proven Things You Can Do To Skyrocket Your SEO

It is a fact that the changes in the techniques for doing SEO can happen at any time in this fast-changing world. Sometimes people do not even get the information that a new technique has come. The strategies that were used in 2018 and 2019 were considered very good for doing SEO of the website but if we use those strategies today then they may lower down the rankings of the website in the search engine. We always have to follow the latest tactics because our competitors might be using the new tactics for doing SEO. Now I will tell you the 7 proven things you can do to skyrocket your SEO.

1.Content should not be duplicated – For the good ranking of a website the content should be very good. It can not play a good role in doing the SEO of your website if the content is duplicated. So, you must check that if there is any duplicate content present in the website by checking the full website and if there is any duplicate content present then you should immediately remove it. It is not a big issue if the site is a new site or an old one but the thing that matters is that you have to check the website. The duplicated content of your website can be checked by the use of various tools like Duplicate content checker, Siteliner and Copyscape.

2.Speed of the website should be very good – A good speed of the website can help in increasing its trust in various search engines like google, bing etc. If your site’s speed is fast and it does not contain errors then people can search this website easily on any popular search engine. You must be a perfect web developer, only then you can make a website do best by increasing its speed.

3.You have to optimize the meta tags – Meta tags play a very good role in doing the SEO of a website as well as in the case if you want to search a particular thing. So, you should always use your creative mind in writing the content for the website and must not copy it from anywhere. For getting the best results the content must be optimized by you. Good description, h1 Meta tags, title must be present on the pages of the site. If you want the meta tags to be implemented then you can take the help of some plugins.

4.Optimization of images – While doing a website’s SEO, perfect images should be used. The images can be perfect if their alt-tags are optimized. By compressing the image, we can optimize the image size. No information about the image is given to the search engine when the image is read by the search engine. We can make this information to be understood by google by optimizing the alt-tag of that particular image. A website having compressed images can run at a good speed.

5.XML Sitemap should be used – Metadata’s URLs as well as the list of URLs of a particular site are always contained in a sitemap which is an XML file basically. By using the sitemap your website’s structure can be easily understood by google and your website can be crawled very easily. XML sitemap can be created very easily without the need of being a perfect web developer. You can do this with the help of XML sitemaps plugin.

6.You have to fix 404 errors as well as indirect links – A 404 error will be given by google if it finds a broken link in your website. If it happens then your site will be less trusted by google. If the link of a website has been broken and a person tries to visit that site then google will not allow that person to visit the site. 404 errors can be detected on a website by using Screaming Frog tool. The site is crawled by this tool for detecting the 404 error. We can remove 404 errors by using 301 redirects. It redirects the user to a link other than the broken link.

7.SSL certificate should be used – The SSL certificate can help you to protect your data from getting stolen and giving it safety from any scam. The data can be encrypted and validated by it. If you are using an SSL certificate for the site of your e-commerce store then it will be very good for you. It will help your website to get a good ranking on google.

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