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7 Insanely Chic Kitchen Décor Ideas

As the heart of the home, it makes perfect sense to design your kitchen according to your chic style. There is so much you can do to give your cooking area a new look.

You do not only cook in the space but also share memories with friends while cooking. So, it should be as beautiful as other rooms in your home.

Here are some insanely chic kitchen decor ideas:

1.   Add Open Shelves

Adding shelves to the kitchen can add extra storage space that makes the area feel clutter-free. This also gives a modern look to your kitchen and helps create an impressive cooking space.

A row of narrow, floating, wall-mounted shelves or hanging racks of different shapes and sizes can be added to the kitchen walls.

2.   Glassware Display

Glassware displays are very much in fashion these days. This will not only show your collection to guests but will also become a part of kitchen decor.

Now, you do not need a closed cupboard to place glassware; just display them like a pro. Show off glassware collections or patterns from crystal, cutwork, colorful prints, etc.

3.   Create a Gallery Wall

A gallery wall works well for both small and large kitchen decor. You can cover a blank wall in the kitchen with a group of trending photo prints like these. This helps create a personalized cooking space and keeps your memories alive.

You can also mix photo prints with other kinds of wall prints to create a unique gallery wall.

4.   Go for Potted Plants

Plants can increase the beauty of any space in your home, and the kitchen is no exception. They purify the air and make the cooking area look more happening. You can opt for wall-mounted planters, fake plants, low-maintenance plants, or green wall art to make your kitchen look trending.

Go for Potted Plants

5.   Do not Forget Chalkboard Wall

5.	Do not Forget Chalkboard Wall

Chalkboard walls are in trend these days. You can use the wall area of the kitchen or the side of the fridge to create a chalkboard wall. You can use it to write a slogan, grocery list, weekly plans, etc.

This works as a great decorative piece in the kitchen. You can also draw a painting with colorful chalk on this chalkboard wall.

6.   Plates To Display

Decorating kitchen walls with plates will create a unique decoration. There are trending plate designs that you can choose to decorate the walls of your cooking area.

Or, you can display your regular plates in a showcase to decorate your kitchen.

7.   Hang a Clock

A large clock helps to keep track of time while adding decoration to the kitchen wall. Adding a unique wall clock in the kitchen will catch the eye of the visitor.

You can opt for the rustic clock, modern clock, or any other trending clock design.

8.   Opt for Under Cabinet Lighting

Lights are the best way to decorate the kitchen while making it brighter. And under-cabinet lights that can work great in space.

To give your cooking area a new look, you can use lights in different colors like red, green, yellow, and blue. In addition, there are string lights that work great under cabinets.


The kitchen is the most important part of the home, and you should keep it updated with the latest decor. Take help from the ideas as mentioned above to give your cooking space a unique and trending look.

Kitchens are always a reflection of personality. So, add a touch of your personality in the kitchen to make it look impressive.

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