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6 Things to Consider Before Hiring a Security Guard Company

Hiring a security guard company for your business is a vital decision that you have to make. This is because they will be your security partner protecting your valuable assets, people and properties from the threats of theft, vandalism and other crimes. There are many security guard companies providing security personnel at your service. Never the less it is essential to consider few points before you hire a security guard company. This blog will guide you in choosing the right security partner for your business.

Consider choosing a licensed security guard company
Make sure to choose a security guard company that is licensed by the public safety authorities of the government. A licensed security company will provide you with guards who are carefully screened and documented during the recruiting process. Additionally, they also send fingerprints and information to private security bureau so that a criminal background check can be done on a potential employee. Do not risk the security of your workplace and people by hiring an unlicensed security company.

Make sure that you hire well-trained guards
The classroom and theoretical training of a surety guard are not enough to handle real life threats. So, make sure to ask your security guard company to provide you with guards who are well trained in weapon technology, public interaction, risk assessment and public security techniques. The security guards must assure you that they can deal with various incidents that may occur any day and anytime.

Consider security guards who are frequently supervised and examined
Ask your chosen security guard company if they regularly supervise and examine their guards or not. A good security company will maintain a clear chain of command with their employees as well as stay in touch with the guards on duty. Many companies even keep a track of the guards on duty with GFPS tracking system and an automated system that updates regularly on a programmed schedule. In this way, they ensure the safety of each and every guard as well as supervise each guard’s movement when they are on duty.

Consider experienced security guard company
While choosing a security guard company for your workplace, always opt for those companies who have been in the business for quite a long time. This is because experienced security guard companies have established contacts with local authorities. They are aware of crimes that happen in the locality and will help you to plan the security accordingly. If not more, you will get enough experienced manpower from them.

Consider the prices of their service
It is always better to look around for companies that will give you reasonable quotes for their services. Compare the prices to see which security guard company fits your budget and meets your requirement as well. But again be careful if you are getting considerably cheaper quotes from other companies. This simply indicates that they would be providing you with poor services in form of untrained security guards with little or no experience. In such cases, it is better to prefer the quality of service rather than price.

Review your security needs
Review the kind of security you need for your business. Do you need armed or unarmed security? If you are hiring armed guards make sure they are well trained in operating firearms and most importantly they carry license. Keep in mind that armed security guards are expensive compared to unarmed ones as the security guard company has to provide the liability insurance and the expenses for weapon training for these guards. So analyze your need and choose guards accordingly.

There are many security companies in Sydney to choose for your business. Make sure you get the right security guards in Sydney who will monitor, deter crime and protect your place thereby creating a safe environment around you.



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