6 Things Not to Do When Renting a Car Online

Renting a car has now become a common part of the everyday travel experience. Renting a car is a whole lot of process but one doesn’t needs to worry about it. You don’t need to be worried about the insurance, damages, rental etc. You should just keep in mind the following things that you shouldn’t be doing when you are renting a car online.

Things not to do when renting a car

  1. Failing to check on your way out for a place to refuel on your way back.

The best time to refuel your vehicle is immediately after you pick it up. As you drive away from the airport /rental agency from where you rent a car online , take note of all the local gas stations and make a plan to return it to the most easily accessible or economically- priced station at the ned of your rental.

  1. Purchasing insurance, Your own auto insurance covers you.

Before accepting one at the face value, it should be emphasized that auto insurance policies can vary considerably, so you would want to check with your own insurer directly. Generally, the coverage of your main vehicle extends to the rental vehicle as the rental is considered a replacement vehicle in the policy. Most of the policies will cover you even if it’s a Car Rental situation.

  1. Purchase an insurance, Your credit card covers the rest.

Anything which your own car insurance might not cover, it is likely that your credit card will cover it all. In certain cases, the credit card coverage is much better than the auto insurance.

  1. Ignoring the potential offers for upgrades.

Reserve a low-priced car while renting a Car and then inquiring about the upgrades at the rental desk. This works the best when the garage is running low on its cheapest vehicles, and would offer you free or even affordable upgrades to a larger car class.

  1. Making too cursory an inspection upon departure.

After renting a Car, when you pick up your car, check it inside-out for anything that could potentially be considered damage before you drive away. Look for scuffs, scratches, loose parts, mirrors, working power windows and more. Keep your eyes on problems be it small or big, blemishes, scratches.

  1. Leaving final inspection to chance.

Now the car rental companies don’t just take the keys from you and let you go, they fully check the car. So make sure that you check that there is no damage in the car.
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