6 Steps To Take Before Installing iOS 11 On Your iPhone or iPad

Apple has delivered its newest iOS, the iOS 11, and as its public exposure is yet to kick in India, this article is to help you start preparing your iPhone and iPad hardware to install the iOS 11 update whenever it is released. I shall lead you through necessary steps you need to take in readiness for the launch.
1: Check for Device Compatibility
The first thing that you need to do is to check if your device supports this new iOS because if it doesn’t, you won’t be able to update the device to iOS 11. If you are using iPhone  5S or newer,  iPad Mini 2 or newer, or the iPod Touch 6th generation, then certainly it will be supported.
2: Clean The Device
In readiness for the new iOS 11, it’s high time you cleaned your iPhone or iPad and delete apps that are no longer in use or app you can do without. If you need them later, you can always have them downloaded again.
3: Update Your Apps
Several people around the world, not just in India,  have a lot of apps on their phone which they’re yet to update.However, with the new iOS 11 on its way, it’s time to check the App Store and have your phone running on the latest apps. It is important because most apps update are there to make your apps compatible with the new amazing iOS 11 that is just around the corner.
4: Secure Enough Device Storage
The iOS 11 when it comes to India, would have a data size of around 2 GB and will also request from you extra space to install. So you should try to have a minimum of about 2.5 GB free when downloading and installing the update. It does not mean that after installation all this amount of space will be consumed, it only needs this amount of space to accommodate it during downloading, installing, and processing of the update. Once it’s through, most of this space will be restored.
The above procedure of flushing off old apps will help free up some space, but if your iPhone or iPad houses numerous videos and pictures you should consider copying the pictures from it onto Photos app on Mac, Image Capture on Mac or you can transfer them to a Windows PC too. Media files are usually the things that eat up space in your iPhone or iPad, so if your space is small, you should consider your image and movie library as the cause.
5: Back Up
Backing up your iPhone or iPad is the most important thing for you to do. It’s expected of you to backup your iPhone or iPad regularly; if you don’t, you should seriously consider doing this. Aside from this, it is necessary for you to backup your device before installing the new iOS 11 update coming to India. You should not downplay the importance of this step.
Now the easiest way to backup your iPhone or iPad is with iCloud. It can be done from the Settings app > iCloud section. You can also backup your device to a computer with iTunes. In any case, you want your files to be extra secure, backup the device to both listed options above. However, if you have no experience in doing this before, you should check online on how to backup an iOS device in iTunes and iCloud.
Please note that if you overlook backing up the device before installing the new iOS software, you might lose your media files and all the contents of your device. If this happens, it will be very devastating for you, because no one wants to wake up and find out that their files, pictures, notes, videos and the rest are no longer on their device.
6: Install iOS 11!
Having done the above-listed things, you are now ready to proceed to the final stage: installing the iOS 11, which is almost here in India. The iOS 11 update will be available for download in the Settings > General > Software Update section of iOS, and you can also install the iOS through iTunes by connecting your iPhone or iPad to a computer.
If you can’t wait to experience the iOS 11, then you should consider getting the beta version. Once you enrol, you should know that this means that you will be enlisted for future beta updates. Most people don’t like this, but if you are okay with it, then knock yourself out.

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