5 Ways to Spot a Good Dry Cleaner

Before skipping to the “meat” part of this article, it is important to set a good understanding of the term “DRY CLEANING”. You’ve probably heard a lot of things about dry cleaning. If not, you may have read about it from your own clothes tags. You may have started to wonder just what dry cleaning exactly is and its difference from regular laundry. The biggest misconception about dry cleaning is the idea that the clothes will never get wet during the process. It might sound insane but it’s definitely true. Dry cleaning is the process of removing stains from clothes while keeping an eye on the cloth’s quality/overall look. It involves the use of special solvents to remove the nasty marks and stains without the aid of water. It is safe to say that dry cleaning is a more specialized approach towards washing your clothes.
To start, there are more than hundreds of dry cleaners in Alta Loma. Therefore, choosing the one that’s directly on the first page of your directory isn’t much of a wise move. Here are some of the factors that you can consider when you are eyeing for the perfect dry cleaner (random order).
1. Pick-up and Delivery
Convenience is paramount to a good dry cleaning service. Since competition between these dry cleaners is becoming stiff, some of the dry cleaners have come up with this brilliant idea. Imagine the hassle-free convenience of a service! You can now opt to have your garments picked up and delivered without you leaving your home.
2. Expertise
Well, who would want to leave their valuables with someone they can’t trust? Your dry cleaner should have a reputable background in the service they provide. You want to have someone who is an expert enough not to toy around your valuable clothes.
3. Keeping Process
Should this be your concern? Yes! Many people have reported missing or lacking pieces of garments. If it is possible to check the site or the shop, take a good look around and notice how they are keeping the stack of their clients’ garments.
4. Cost
Needless to say, this is what most clients use as a deciding factor. The idea is very simple, low cost, bigger savings. Right?
5. Accountability / Integrity
If an establishment operates by supplying defective orders or back-jobs, there won’t be many reviews that will recommend that store. Word-of-mouth still plays a big role in the spread of the websites’ URL or in this case, the shop’s name. There will be those instances where the dry cleaner may have ruined your garment (whether accidentally or not) and how they keep up with it is the real challenge. They should be able to set up agreements about what to do if such things happen.
Choosing from more than a hundred dry cleaners in Alta Loma, it is best to set guidelines and restoration policies so you’ll know what you will need to stay on the track.

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