5 Ways Glass is better than Tile for Bathrooms

There are various choices when it comes to decorating the bathroom or installing a new one. When you go to a bathroom or an interior store, they serve you with so many choices that sometimes you come out of the store more lost than you went it. When it comes to material choices for decorating the bathroom space, choices might be many but the two obvious ones that come to mind before anything else are Glass and Tile. Traditionally tile has been utilised in some form in almost every bathroom space, the waterproof and long lasting features provide consumers with great options when looking to make the bathroom space look attractive and elegant. However in more modern times, glass has replaced some part of the tiles in many bathrooms. Let’s consider 5 important reasons why you would want to look at glass when looking to make your bathroom look elegant and unique.
1: The Illusion of Glass
Glass accessories for bathrooms including Laminated Glass windows, glass shower doors, Laminated Glass panels, Glass shelving or Glass doors come in various design, size and colour choices. Usually glass is either transparent or reflective, in both cases it provides a spacious illusion making your bathroom space look bigger than it actually is. This is helped by the thinness of the Glass sheet that is used in most cases, it takes very minimalistic space and is great for even the smallest spaces. There are various types of glass that can be looked into when trying to make the space look bigger, Laminated Glass provides a strong and reliable option in most cases and comes at a reasonable price as well, making the purchase of it more sustainable.
2: Unique Visual Appeal
Tiles may come in countless colour and design options, and to be fair they do provide a good looking bathroom space when done right. However with Glass the visual appeal of the whole space is lifted to the next level. Modern glass stores offer Laminated Glass accessories including panels, doors, windows, shelves and many more in various different colour options that go well will any layout of the bathroom and improve the visual appeal manifolds.Laminated Glass sheets also come in unique art-work resembling design options, which enhances the look even further. These days there are various options in glass as well including frosted glass, tempered glass, Laminated Glass and many more. Customers have the option to choose the one that looks best in their individual bathroom space.
3: Low or No Maintenance
Even though in the case of tiles, you won’t need to spend much while maintaining them, but because of the joints and the size limitations of tiles, they can be pretty difficult to clean. Some modern tiles are easily wipe able but still there is a level of difficulty in cleaning them. However with glass options they have no seems or joints in them for the most part. For most glass options like Laminated Glass, frosted glass or tinted glass all you need to do is keep them clean and that is not very tough to achieve as well, a simple glass cleaner and a clean cloth will do the job effectively. Moreover glass accessories including panels and windows made from Laminated Glassor Tempered glass are pretty tough and offer great levels of damage resistance and will not be required to be changed any time soon.
4: Show off the Design of Your Layout
Most Glass options are either completely transparent or translucent to some extent, this makes it possible for the expensive wall design to be viewed from different angles without any of it being hidden away. If you have installed an elegant shower or the bath tub looks great, don’t hide it being opaque options, choose any from Laminated Glass or tempered glass options that make it possible for the design to shine through. When installed in the right way, most glass options even make the design look better and shine even more.
5: Better Footprint on the Environment
Glass options are manufactured mostly using recycled materials, and they are particularly resistant to damage and require no maintenance, this enables the one time manufacture and longtime use with them. Moreover the manufacturing process and short-time replacement requirement of tiles and other materials require processes that have higher carbon footprint on the environment, but will glass options like Laminated Glass, tempered glass or fireclay glass the carbon footprint is both reduced and it is ensured that once they are made they won’t be needed to be replaced any time soon.

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