5 Types Of Wreath Ideas To Elevate Your Decor

Can you even imagine a party or event without decor? While several aspects need to come together to host an occasion or soiree, the decor is one of the most important ones. And in today’s age, decorating a space is not about putting up embellishments that ‘look’ good alone but also feel good and add a sense of meaning to your theme. And that precisely is the beauty of a wreath. Having been around since ancient Greco-Roman times, a wreath symbolises the promise of eternal life and certainly makes for great decor additions. Be it a floral wreath or a tassel one. They undoubtedly play a part in defining your decor.

Explored below are five types of wreaths that you can use to decorate your space:

Felt Wreath:

A felt wreath is basically any wreath that is adorned with felt leaves alone. Now you can imagine the room with their creativity and grit look! You can create an entire decor theme for your most memorable occasions by picking a range of just vibrant felt leaves. Besides, a single felt addition to your space can light up the entire room. Felt wreaths in eclectic shades are predominantly used as part of bridal showers, bachelorette, and birthday decors. You can certainly draw a (felt) leaf from the book for sure.

Yarn Wreath:

Yarn wreath is made from mixing and matching different yarns, and these wreaths are famous for invoking a subtle charm in any space they grace. Yarn wreaths are a hit for baby showers, christening ceremonies, and first birthdays, basically kids or toddler decor. That is because they are made entirely out of a harmless material- soft yarn and yet add life into space. You can also use yarn wreaths to decorate your bedroom or any cozy corner of your home for a truly comforting vibe.

Burlap Wreath:

When it comes to burlap wreath ideas, the sky is not the limit. It is just the beginning! As the name suggests, these wreaths are made out of burlaps- a kind of soft fabric. Whether Christmas is around the corner or your much sought-after D-day burlap wreaths spell their magic no matter what the occasion is. Another feature of this kind of wreath is that it blends well with the whole ‘rustic decor’ theme. So if rustic, old-world charm and elegance are on your mind, burlaps wreaths come wrapped with all these together!

Floral Wreath:

You cannot go wrong with floral wreaths as they are not occasion or theme-bound. Their only role in your decor is to embellish it to the next level. They are so insanely popular that they have become synonymous with wreaths themselves and are also used as bridal hair jewellery! From weddings to anniversaries and house parties to funerals, a suitable floral wreath can genuinely add value to any event.

Fibre Optic Wreath:

A contemporary wreath for modern-day scenes, fibre optic wreaths are just much more.

They are your sweet Christmas halo with a twist. Used extensively as part of festive decor, these kinds of wreaths feature colourful and warm led lights to illuminate your space with style and splendour. You can also do up your backyard party decor by adding these eclectic pieces or incorporate them into your intimate occasions decor to make your pictures much more lit and lively!

Armed with the knowledge of the different kinds of wreaths you can use, it is time to put on your thinking cap and elevate your events with these graceful adornments.

Author Name: Hannah Gilbert

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