5 Things To Consider When Buying A Nail Lamp

Do you loathe waiting around for your nails to dry after applying nail paint at your home? If yes, then you are in for a treat! There are various handy nail dryers available in the market nowadays that are simply outstanding. LED and UV lamps have fans that blow air on your nail polish that allow you to cure one hand at a time or both at once. But how exactly you make the decision to purchase. Let’s take a look at various factors that will help you in making the right decision:
First thing first, it all depends upon how much you are ready to spent on buying a LED or UV lamp? A $30 lamp will be a lot different than a $120 one. The latter one may seem expensive to you but it will surely come with various additional features that will make the whole nail paint drying process an easy feat. Whereas a $30 lamp is inexpensive, you can’t be sure how much beneficial it could be along with no idea of how long would it exactly last.
This to a large extent depends upon how much you will be saving in the long term. A manicure can easily cost you around $40 and for a woman who go to a saloon twice for a manicure, this lamp can be so worth it.
2.Cure time significance
When it comes to the curing time, LED are much more efficient than a UV lamp. In professional sense, you would want the cure time as less as possible. However, if you doing it at home, with your friends and for fun, you can do with more time while saving money. A UV lamp take about 90 seconds to cure while a LED lamp can do it in less than half of this time. If you don’t like to wait at all and are not patient, then LED is the one for you but it also depends upon the type of nail polish you use.
3.Nail Polish Brand
Another important factor when it comes to making the buying decision is the nail polish brand you use. You have to see if the lamp will work on the nail polish you like, that can pretty confusing. It has been stated that LED lamps only cure LED nail polish while UV lamp cures both UV and LED ones. Moreover, a gel nail polish dries faster in a LED lamp and a CND can also be cured perfectly in it. If you are a fan of CND shellac, UV lamps are your best option. However most of the nail polishes are LED, so they can be cured in both the lamps.
4.The Lifespan of Bulb
UV lamps come with bulbs that can easily last up to 100 hours and replaced for say around $30. However, the lifespan of bulbs vary by the manufacturers. It may not seem enough but each manicure takes about 5 minutes of curing, so this way it can last for decades.The bulbs in LED lamps can last around 50,000 hours and can never be replaced. These lamps are long term investment that will last for years to come.
Size is an important factor as in some lamps you can only put four fingers at once and have to cure your thumb separately, that is simply annoying and time consuming. Most of the cheaper lamps usually can fit only 4 fingers and doesn’t work for pedicures. The best lamp would be the one that could cure both hands and feet at once.
There are lamps that come with a lot more features so you can give them a preference when making the purchase decision. Also, make sure you look for any warranties that may come with these lamps. So, go buy the perfect UV or LEd lamp to get a flawless manicure!

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