5 Reasons Local SEO is Beneficial For Your Business

One of the most effective ways to market your business online is through Local Search Engine Optimization(SEO). It basically helps businesses to promote their products and services to the local customers when they are looking for your local business. SEO ensures the accessibility of a site to a search engine and improving the chances of a site getting found on it. Local SEO basically focuses on increasing the web pages ranking for local searches.
As potential customers are searching locally, local search is becoming increasingly important to businesses. Local SEO makes use of various strategies to get your site ranked on search engines such as Google.
Let’s take a look at some of the facts regarding local SEO:

  • The Google 3 pack appears in the top spot of approximately 92 % of searches with local intent.
  • Over 81% lookup the location of a business on Google Maps
  • Around 50% of people who conducted a local search on their smartphones visited the store within a day while about 33% of consumers who searched on tablet or computer did the same
  • Approximately 18% of local mobile searches gets converted into a sale within a day
  • 60% of American adults use tablets and smartphones to search for local product and service information
  • At least 85% of smartphone users make use of a search engine once a day
  • About 77% of local mobile searches result in offline purchases
  • 50% of local mobile searchers look for business information such as a local address
  • About 68% of searchers, have been found to use “click to call” or “get directions” in a mobile ad for local listings
  • Around 70% of people look up and confirm the location of a business before going there for the first time

But what are the reasons that Local SEO help you attract new customers, let’s take a look:
1.Highly Targeted
The reason for local search is to find a specific business and a product or service. It basically allows you to better position your business along with promoting what you have to offer your customers, when they are looking for your type of business.
2.Growth in Mobile Internet
Nowadays, customers are increasingly using tablets and mobile phones to find the local businesses while they are on the move. Actually, the use of mobile is higher in comparison to desktops to a great degree. Local SEO covers both mobile internet access and PC, that means you never miss out on a potential customer.
3.Local Customers are Turning to Internet
Although people do use printed books for information, however more and more people are now turning towards internet to find local business information. It is evident from the statistics that 46% of Google searches are local and around 95% of PC owners conduct local searches.
4.Customers Rely on Internet for Information
Nowadays, people depend a lot on internet to find information on different types of products and services. It is extremely important to have a presence on the local search results or you can miss out on new and potential customers. By implementing different Local SEO strategies, you get your business on the internet map for your customers to see.
5.Customers Trust Online Reviews
The most traditional and popular means of marketing is word of mouth. So, in order to increase the online reputation of your company, ask your trusted customers to leave positive reviews about your business online. This will help you in attracting and acquiring hundreds of new customers.
With the local SEO trends strong now, they are only going to be stronger and more crucial in the near future. So, it is time that you take the advantage of Local SEO and give your business a competitive edge. So, get started with local SEO to boost your business today!

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