5 Reasons To Exercise Everyday

This might be a little difficult for the ones who are more into making the perfect careers for themselves, but take a moment and make yourself think (Maybe again), is success everything? And let me tell you, the question is crucial! You get all the comforts and money and you save it all for the future comforts only to realize that you have to spend all of it on treatments. Doesn’t sound good, does it? The solution to this problem of health – Exercise. And I have a few reasons why. Read on:

1. The Perfect Shape

Come on, you have to go to a party and all you worry about is how perfect you look! And so to avoid this dread everytime you go out, a little practice daily will help you big time. And again, the answer is Exercise. Exercise of any type shapes up your body naturally without any side effects and also builds your body in an attractive way. The muscle mass builds up and the bones go strong which will also help you beat the aging process effectively.

2. The Energy Booster

Now, I know! Half of you might be wondering how exercise gives energy when in fact you spend so much energy to do it. But the more you exercise, the more oxygen your body gets and the more efficient is your body functioning. The strength is more and the aches and pains are fewer so the energy to do work is more too. And not just the physical boost but the mental boost is overwhelming too.

3. The Mood Controller

Well, not exactly a controller, but atleast a saviour from the highly energy consuming and intimidating mood swing process. Exercise helps kick in the endorphins that are natural feel good neurotransmitters that start working almost immediately after you work out. People who exercise regularly also have fewer depression risks. And there you go then, a key to happy life. The mood now is nothing but the ‘Happy Mood’.

4. The Mind Benefits

Apart from the physical benefits that Exercises have on us, there are as many health benefits. Well yes, the happy being is one thing, there are many more to look out for. And two of them are Memory and Intelligence boosting. The cognitive functioning is better as by regular exercise, the neurons remain activated and stress hormones take a back seat. Quick responses, better reasoning capabilities are some benefits of exercises.

5. The Disease Control

I don’t think I need to even mention this. When every part of your body, including your body is in proper functioning, then why does any disease dare come near you? But the natural aging related diseases also remain at bay. Regular exercise reduces risk of Type 2 Diabetes, Arthritis, Obesity, Depression and many many more. Need more reasons to exercise now ?

The exercise can be anything. There’s nothing specific I’d be mentioning here. For me, it is a long early morning walk and a little yoga. For some of them it is as simple as a sport. For a few others it is an actual exercise plan and for many out there, it is hitting the gym. It’s your choice completely with whatever you are comfortable with. And in anyway you do it, the benefits remain the same.

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Happy Health 🙂

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