5 Ideas To Spend A Lovely Vacation With Your Honey

Spending that alone time with your sweetheart is very important to maintain a congeniality in your relationship. Whenever you can manage a holiday for a week or more, you must go out somewhere instead of rotting inside home. This sudden trip would give more meaning to your love relationship. Even when you are not married, you must try out this formula of vacation and rejuvenate your souls. Because in our daily lives, we hardly get that amount of time to concentrate on each other. Here are some ideas that can be inculcated in your vacation to make life a better place. You can present this vacation trip as a valentine gift for your wife or girlfriend.
Book the honeymoon suite:
If you think that your marriage has passed a decade and now there is no need for a honeymoon, you are probably wrong. With honey to the moon would bring back many past memories and also give your relationship a new breath. Most of the hotels offer special services for all the honeymoon couples in a honeymoon special suite and this is the treatment that would make you feel like a king and queen. 
Witnessing the sunset together:
Holding hands of each other and witnessing the end of another day is a lovely feeling. When you are on a vacation with your dearest wife to a mountain or seashore, seeing the sun go down after making your day is a fantastic thing to watch. You would understand why people get romantic seeing a sunset.
Picture perfect memories:
No vacation can be complete without some lovely pictures. And that doesn’t mean you are single in that picture or busy capturing the local monuments, hills, river, or scenery. Just ask a passer-by to click both of you in various postures. Click more randomly in each and every local place you visit in your vacation because you don’t know how much precious these memories are going to be when you look at them after ten years.
An overnight boat trip:
See you are earring to spend some and save some. So, don’t act “kanjoos” and book a lavish boat for just the both of you where you have all the amenities from food to drink. Spending some alone time on a boat is a very romantic idea.
 Flirt more:
Most of the married couples have forgotten when was the last time they made an eye contact and had a silent conversation. Suppose you have booked a beach resort as a Valentine gift for wife or as an anniversary celebration, you must say her to behave like a girlfriend to you rather than like a wife which she normally does all round the year. Ask her to wear that sarong and hold hands to spend a lazy day flirting with each other.

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