5 Great Ways to Wear Paisley Ties on your Wedding

Wearing a good tie to a wedding always adds class to the attire. It adds to your appeal and personality and completes your look. Especially, wearing a paisley tie for personal events such as weddings creates a great impression. It is important to invest in a good paisley tie and team up with the right attire to get the perfect look.

The ties or neck ties are available in various patterns and designs such as printed, plain, chequered, stripes, paisley and many more. Of all the patterns, the paisley ties, have stood out as a different yet great alternative to regular patterns such as stripes and plain ones. Paisley ties are well suited for all events; whether formal or personal. It is indeed a great idea to wear paisley ties for weddings, a very important personal event. For formal event such as corporate meetings, the paisley ties look neat and elegant

The ties with paisley design come in a variety of colours and with a lot of variation in the design and prints as well. In order to look very refined and tasteful at a wedding, you must spend on a good quality paisley tie which is well stitched. Let us look at some of the great ways to get the right look with a paisley.

  1. The classy look – This look works best for the groom. You can team a great 3 – piece suit with a silk paisley tie. However, you must ensure that the colour of the tie and the suit must complement each other. To avoid colour clashing, you can choose medium toned hues for the tie with small print to go with a grey coloured 3 – piece suit.
  2. The simple yet elegant look – This look works well for the guests and family members as well. A crisp plain shirt of pastel colour can be paired with a dark coloured paisley tie. Both large and small prints would work wonders. In case, the colour of the shirt is dark then the tie to be worn must be of a lighter shade.

  3. The dapper dude look – This look works well for the best men or the groomsmen as well as the groom. One can pair a slim paisley tie with a formal blazer suit. Most suitable colour combination here would be black blazer with a crisp white shirt and a light green slim paisley tie. This look can suit men of all ages.

  4. The Experimental look – This look works well for a person who likes to stand out from the crowd and yet be chic and classy. This look can go well with men, who are willing to experiment. Team it up a vintage paisley tie with blue woollen or silk blazer suit or waist coat to get that uber classy look. The colours of the waist coat or the blazer may be a bright shade of blue.

  5. The one colour look – This look is different from other looks as the entire look for the groom or the groomsmen is designed from rich variants of one colour. A great combination would be grey blazer suit with white shirt and grey and white paisley tie.

With the above mentioned ways, men can wear paisley ties for weddings and look stylish and charming.

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