5 different types of medical exam room supplies

Choosing the right medical exam room supplier is essential. But before choosing a supplier, know the 5 types of must have exam room supplies.

If you are a healthcare provider or run a medical institution, you need various exam room supplies to ensure that your institution is run without a hassle. It is important that you have the right equipment and supplies, even if it is something as simple as disposable gloves. Here is a list of 5 different types of medical exam room supplies that your institution should invest on.

Examination Gloves

When it comes to medical examination, you have to ensure that there’s a protective barrier between the practitioner and the patient. A variety of examination gloves are available with the supplier, including but not limited to latex powdered exam gloves, powder-free exam gloves, synthetic powder free gloves, nitrile powder and powder free gloves and synthetic vinyl powdered gloves. Each one of them have different uses and can be used for ensuring superb tactile sensitivity. They are designed ergonomically to suit different purposes and some of them specifically reduce the risk of developing latex based allergies.

Face Protection System

As a healthcare provider, you need to ensure that your practitioners and other patients are protected from exposure to infectious chemicals. That’s why you need to invest in face protection systems, procedure masks, splash shields, child masks and other similar problems, which can be used in the laboratory, by medical researches, O.R. personnel and in the examination room. The masks should be optically clear (if full face), must be cost-efficient, disposable and lightweight.

Protection Gowns and Head Protectors

Polyethylene coated or polypropylene materials are usually used for medical examination. These materials are employed in the development of maximum protection gowns, which have low permeability and offer protection from infectious materials. Since medical examiners and doctors may have to wear it for a long time, these gowns should ideally have water repellent design with material that’s breathable to prevent infection and irritation. Bouffant styled head protectors are also essential if the medical examination job requires extra safety.

Medical Equipment

In a medical examination room, you will require simple but essential medical equipment, including but not limited to Foley catheters, medical illuminators as well as sphygmomanometer and stethoscope. These equipment will help in diagnosing and measuring different body functions of a patient. You would also need a supply of other equipment, including disposable needles, machines and small products.


To avoid cross-contamination, you need products that are designed with disinfectant properties. These products should include immersion solutions, wipes for disinfection of non-porous surfaces and surface cleaners. These products should be designed to protect instruments, provide effective protection against VRE and MRSA and must be approved for use on plastics or other products to ensure their efficiency.

To buy these important medical exam room supplies, choose a supplier that’s reliable and offers a diverse range of products. This will help you in selecting the supplies or equipment that suit your needs and budget.

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