5 Common signs Of A Damaged Foundation

For a homeowner, a damaged foundation is a nightmare! If it is left unaddressed, the small issues can lead to way bigger problems over the time and the cost of structural damage will swiftly add up. However, It is not something that happens overnight, foundation damage is a gradual process. So, if you catch any signs of damage early on, you can take actions to prevent the problem from escalating any further.
Here, we are going to discuss these common signs of foundation damage, take a look:
1.Cracks or crumbling of wall
Cracks are bad news as it means you are having foundation issues. If you notice any cracks in your drywalls that originates from the window, call for a professional. The similar holds true if cracks are around the doors, especially in corners.
Also, when doing your routine inspection, check the foundation for any noticeable signs of damage. These structural damages could be ruptures or gaps, moisture, crumbling or flaking, hairline fractures or sloping of foundation walls. Just make sure you conduct the inspection both within the basement and along the exterior of the foundation.
2.Water Damage
If there is any pool of water around your home, then you are having foundation trouble. If there is no damage yet then this leading cause of foundation failure, will surely cause serious problems, if not properly fixed on time. Improper water drainage is an obvious sign that the foundation has already failed.
If you notice the soil around your property is unnaturally wet or dry, you need to make an immediate intervention. Also, you can check the invisible leaks by noting the reading of water meter. If you find any changes then it means the leak exist either beneath the floor or behind the wall.
3.Gaps in and sagging of floors and ceilings
You may have noticed that the ceiling and floor has pulled away from the wall. Sometimes, the foundation issues can appear in upper levels of the home causing warped ceilings or sagging floors. This will result in a growing gap between the ceiling or floor and the wall. So, whenever you see these gaps, call for a professional.
4.Buckling of and damage to exterior walls
If your exterior walls have shifted out of its place, that means you are having foundation problems. A little shifting is natural as properties settle with time. Actually, the building materials are designed in such a way that they give a bit. So, excessive settling is a common foundation failure sign.
Some most obvious indicators of foundation failure are buckling, cracks, crumbling and a stair step pattern of cracking. You should inspect the interior and exterior of your house for any decay of cement or brick facades along with any fissures, shifts and warps.
5.Ill fitting doors
Whenever there is a shift in your foundation, everything inclusive of doors and windows will shift with it. The noticeable sign of foundation damage is the difficulty in opening and closing the doors as well windows. Being shifted along with foundation, the door would get crooked and if it is used to be easy to close, now it would be a challenging task.
Every window and door should fit snugly in its place. It shouldn’t be too tight or too loose but just right. Also, during the inspection include the attic windows, garage doors and HVAC vents. Make sure you scan for these signs on a regular basis.
These are the common signs of damaged foundation that needs to be inspected regularly so that you can catch any problems early on and keep the repairs to a minimum. Take the help of a professional who has years of experience in the same field for better results and to extend the life of your property.

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