What is a spin Mop

5 Benefits of Using a Spin Mop

What is a spin mop?
As an item of domestic use, the spin mop has gained immense popularity because of the convenience and utility it can provide. Not only does it work like a regular mop but also solves all the issues that using a regular mop might have. The concept is actually quite simply. You can place the head of the mop into the spinning device that it comes with. The device allows you to whisk out the accumulated water, which can be done by pressing the pedal a few times. It comes out dry and clean and can be immediately put to use again. Its very hard with regular mops to rinse them off the dirt and the water immediately; usually one has to wait out till it dries a little. The spin mop has a clear advantage in that case.  Hence, the most gross and difficult part of mopping is dealt with in a clean way. One no longer has to wring it out with one’s hands: the spinning motion and centrifugal motion does that for you. Let us look at some of the benefits that can be availed with the spin mop




  • Clean: As is obvious, the spin mop allows one to clean the floors without having to deal with the gross and unclean stuff. One can clean at a distance and then wring the mop in the bucket/ container where all the dirty water gets accumulated without chance of spillage. The mop is also cleaned properly and ensures that the previous dirt does not affect the cleaning.


  • Replaceable Heads: The spin mop also comes with replaceable heads that can be cleaned or replaced as and when required. These heads easily clip on to the handle and can be taken apart for vigorous cleaning. Not only is it easily washable but also survives all the cleaning and dirt- accumulating movement quite nicely.


  • Swivel Movement: The most significant advantage with this mop is the 36- degree swivel movement it provides. This ensures that the mop cleans rigorously and properly without leaving any room for any kind of dirt or mess to be left behind. Plus, the swivel option also makes sure that the mop cleans itself properly. The resulting mop will satisfy any person with a phobia for germs.


  • Water Control: The spin mop allows the user to control the amount of water one wants on the floor. The mop self- cleansing mechanism can be controlled such that one can get a dry mop, a damp one or a wet one in seconds. Also, the bucket comes with a pour spout so that one does not have to lift it to change water levels.


Easily Washable: Last but not the least, the entire device in itself is easily washable. It can come apart easily and each part can be washed with absolute ease. Thus, one is assured that be it in the equipment, the bucket or the mop, no remnant of dirt remains.

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