4 Tips from Experts to Pick the Best Statue & Fountain for Your Garden

Do you own a beautiful home with a garden? Wondering how to add charm to that little plot of land? Have you thought about fountains and garden statues? No matter how big or small your garden is the right piece of garden statue will add life to the place. They are the best way to incorporate art into the landscape. You can decorate your garden with an array of statues inspired by Zen Buddhism or the alluring flavour of Africa or classical Greco-Roman architecture and much more.  With so many aesthetic options it is easy to get overwhelmed with the garden pieces. But the trick is to create a focal point with the statue rather than cluttering the garden with a lot of them. So, whether it is a tiny statue of Buddha placed beside flower pots or a large statue of an angel at the centre of the garden, it must evoke interest among people who come to visit your house.
Now, after reading the above section, the first thing that might pop in your mind is how to choose a statue for your garden, right? Well, here are some tricks that will help you choosing the best statue for your garden.
Match the statue with the style of the garden
The style of the garden will guide the gardener in choosing the right piece of art for his garden.  Always remember that your statue should not look out of place and get noticed for wrong reasons. A well-chosen statue should always stand out from the surroundings with grace and beauty. So, if you have a formal garden with structured boxwoods and roses, a large figurine with a garden fountain at the centre will work best. Again, a garden with water features, ornamental flowering trees, and stones will compliment a statue of Buddha. Don’t buy statues that don’t fit with its surroundings as it will be obvious even to a most casual observer. Improve the appearance of your lawn or garden with a statue purchased after considering the current landscape and architecture of the house.
Consider the size of the statue
The size of the statue must be in proportion to its location. For instance, a small frog statue can become a focal point if it is placed among low-lying leafy plants. However, the statue would lose its prominence if it is placed among small shrubs. Again, a larger statue of an elephant needs bigger plants to offset it. Before purchasing a statue for your garden, cut out a piece of cardboard roughly in the shape and size of the statue and place it in the intended location to get an idea of how the actual piece will look in your garden.
Select a location  
Even if you purchase a garden statue based on the style of your garden installing it in the right location is very important. If you have a classical garden embellished with Greek and Roman architecture, you can prefer the traditional style and place life-sized figures in the centre of your garden. But you do not have to stick to this traditional style only. Consider placing smaller statues in hidden and whimsical locations. Guests will be delighted when they come across these statues in an unsuspected manner while taking a stroll in your garden. Instead of having one central point of the garden, divide the garden into multiple areas, each with its own design and statue.
Consider the materials for garden statue
While choosing the materials for garden statues, gardeners should keep in mind the climate in which they will be exposed to. In areas with harsh climates and rough winds, gardeners should opt for stone statues. If the climate is mild, you can opt for delicate materials like glass while materials like terracotta will work best for hot climates.
The right statue can add charm to any garden. So, follow these tips to get the best one for your lawn and change the outdoor view of your house right away.           
Author Bio – Elisa Roberts is a blogger and a passionate gardener. In this blog, she writes about different garden embellishments like Fountains Melbourne and Garden Statues Melbourne and guides us to get the best one for our lawns.

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