3 Trends to Define the Next Generation of Mobile App Development

It’s hard to say whether the word “cell phone” is a miracle word or not. But if you take a look around, you will find out millions of people who are living their lives on their mobile phones. Customer habits are changing throughout the world. This has compelled businesses to spend more time and effort on their mobile app development as well as mobile marketing and advertising, as this is where the present and the upcoming markets are building up.

Social media, Google apps and gaming apps are dominating the world of mobile applications. Apart from that, a number of giants are utilising their mobile application for branding, to engage more customers, for direct marketing and many other reasons. Following the steps of the giants, the small and the medium-sized companies are also moving towards mobile trends.

An effective mobile strategy is much more than a mobile friendly website. The ruling factor of the mobile industry is that it is being driven by advancements in the technology and therefore, in order to succeed in this field, businesses need to have a vision for the upcoming years.

Below are some of the trends that will define the future of the mobile app development industry.

  • Purchasing Stuff with the Mobile” Trend – As a large number of consumers are shifting to the m-commerce, the positive trend in the mobile purchases is going to continue for some years. Purchasing stuff with mobile phones will become widespread and common with the growing popularity of the Google Wallet and Apple Pay.

In order to achieve that, the mobile app development workforce needs to device a mobile application that can process transactions without requiring physical debit/credits cards or cash. This is something that will be an interesting addition for the future of mobile app development.

  • Mobile Wearable Trend – With the growing trend of wearable devices, you can easily expect to see the mobile wearable ruling the world. Be it Microsoft’s Hololens or Apple watch, their popularity has paved the way for the upcoming changes in computing and the transition from the basic to the smart wearable devices. This has opened up the doors of new opportunities for the app developers, vendors as well as accessory makers.

The smartphones are soon going to be the hub of personal-area network that involves wearable gadgets like that of display devices, smart watches, healthcare sensors and many other sensors which are embedded in shoes and clothes. Such gadgets are going to communicate with the mobile applications to offer information in fresh ways. This will result in the onset of a number of products like that of healthcare, fitness, sports, and fashion and so on.

The workforce in the mobile application development sector has to stay in pace to welcome the mobile wearable devices as the ruler of the next generation of mobile app development strategy in order to embrace success.

  • Location and Mobile Sensing Trend – The mobiles that we use today possess location sensing capabilities that use more than one positioning methods to display the location precisely.

Motion sensing apps are primarily used in games, anti-theft, security and power saving. The exact indoor location are presently depending on technologies like geomagnetic, ultrasonic beacons, imaging and Wi-Fi. But after a few years, technologies like smart lighting will also become very vital.

Thus, the next generation of mobile apps will see the onset of highly personalised service and information.

With the above upcoming trends there is no doubt that the mobile app development industry is going to surprise the mobile and the technology buffs too and a new era is emerging that will redefine the idea of online marketing in a brand new way.

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