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3 Reasons To Invest In Call Center Software

When you think of call centers, you might still picture the outdated legacy systems. This would be a large office space divided into cramped cubicles with exasperated agents taking incoming phone calls from angry customers likely to reach negative call outcomes due to the frustration of being left on hold for long periods of time. While some centers undeniably still operate like this, it’s not the way of the modern contact center.

Innovative companies understand the importance of impeccable customer service, and they do everything they can to ensure it by taking advantage of the best technology. This starts with making sure no customer is placed on hold as soon as they call in. Many customers view the call center as a last resort, and they’re likely already frustrated due to unsuccessfully searching for solutions elsewhere. It’s refreshing for them to either have simple questions answered by a chatbot or to be put in contact with the right agent for their needs immediately. All this, and more, is possible with a powerful contact center solution. Here are just three reasons why you should invest in modern contact center technology.

1. Omnichannel routing makes for the best customer experience.

The term call center is hardly even accurate anymore, considering that they field much more than phone calls these days. A powerful cloud contact center will also accept inbound communications from digital channels, such as text, SMS, email, webchat, mobile apps, and more. This gives customers many convenient options to contact support agents using their preferred method, but you can take things even further.

With the capabilities offered by Bright Pattern, you’ll have the only true omnichannel cloud platform. Omnichannel communications don’t just allow the use of digital communication methods—they also let customers switch seamlessly between communication channels if they need to, all while keeping in contact with the same support agent. Imagine if you’ve been using web chat to speak with an agent about an issue with your smart TV.

The conversation has gone on longer than you anticipated, and it’s almost time for you to go to work. Instead of losing all progress with the conversation, you can switch over to your smartphone to keep it going and resolve the issue as you get ready. This is just one way that omnichannel capabilities can make for more productive, and personalized customer journeys.

2. You’ll have built-in quality assurance.

AI-powered quality management means that you can automatically monitor and analyze all customer interactions across all channels based on previously set business rules to ensure call outcomes are up to your standards. Business users, like call center managers, can be alerted when quality begins to dip below accepted levels, and they can determine the source and prepare better training guidelines for any struggling agents.

3. Better tools mean better agent performance.

Anyone in the industry knows that call centers are plagued by extreme rates of turnover. One of the most consistent complaints among agents is working with outdated technology that makes their job harder. There’s something to be said for the idea that happy employees make happy customers, and by giving agents the best technology, you’ll see their performance increase.

A unified agent desktop makes it easy for your agents to track all conversations across all channels. Part of the ease of use of the platform includes a single sign-in that grants access to everything. If an agent needs to be brought in on an existing call, they can quickly gather the full context of the conversation before jumping in, saving the customer the frustration of having to repeat themselves.

Powerful integration with CRM systems also means that it’s easy for agents to pull relevant customer data while on call. If a customer has called frequently with similar issues, agents can address their problems faster through familiarity. It also makes it easy for agents to find out who the best customers are, so they can make special offers based on purchasing history. Advanced call center solutions make it easier than ever to personalize the customer experience, ensuring that each call is memorable for all the right reasons.

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