3 Features that make the Harp Best Stringed Instruments

Music has been around for as long as history can remember. With musicians from different parts of the world and different cultural and social aspects to their lives invented numerous different music instruments. The expansion in music instruments is so vast that sub-classes and relative families have been defined for them. For example the drums belong to the percussion family of music instruments while the harp and the sitar belong to the stringed family. Various stringed instruments have been known in different parts of the world over many centuries. One of the most commonly used stringed instruments across the world is the Harp and also the very well-known variation of it, the Lyre Harp.

1: Great Reputation Because of Illustrious History around the World

The Harp has been around for centuries, and the music output is produced from the strings when the player plucks them with their hands or a plucking instrument as well in some cases. The Lyre Harp uses much of the same principal as well but is different slightly in appearance and the way the frame is built. Because of the cost of the instrument in its early ages, it was mostly utilized at the royal palaces or by the most elite only. This created a very positive high-class vibe to the Harp and the Lyre Harp. The instrument caught on since then and has been made more common and easily accessible by the numerous retailers offering the instrument at much cheaper price and in most parts of the world. Probably the most helping aspect in the instrument’s popularity is the availability on the internet. Many online retailers sell it on their websites and that too at even cheaper prices because of the intense online competition. Anyone with just a smartphone or a computer can easily Buy Harp Online from a great number of sellers regardless of their location.

2: The most Elegant Playing Style

The style of the Harp and Lyre Harp both demand the player sit on one end of the instrument with their arms extended forward in order to reach the strings of it. The player makes calming and easy on the eye movements with their arms that appear to be in the form of a wave and look particularly elegant at the same time. This elegance is also shared in the music produced. The strings of the Harp are attached to both the bottom and the top of the frame and can be tightened or loosened according to the music lover’s preference. In any case the music from the strings sounds absolutely mesmerizing, even to the point that in fantasies there have been mermaids drawn and thought to be playing the instruments. This added elegance has contributed a great deal to the overall popularity of the Harp and the Lyre Harp. It is very common in old films to see a beautiful woman in a palace playing one of the two instruments and royals and their guests enjoying every moment of it.

3: Contributions and Usability in Various Music Genres

The Harp and Lyre Harp both in their early stages were only used as solo instruments to play their calming sounds for the rich and wealthy, but with advancements in the music industry more and more musicians began playing them and producing different style of music from them. Their continuous innovation and global fame also enabled them to be used at different parts of the world where different people from different backgrounds adopted in varyingly than ever before. This gave rise to their use in most new forms of music including:

  • Classical
  • Folk
  • Country
  • Pop
  • Instrumental
  • Vocal

These are some famous music genres in which the Harp and Lyre Harp are utilized today, but by no means are the only ones. Music loves from all over the world keep finding new uses for the instruments and incorporated them in different versions and styles to suit their own preferences and styles of music. Moreover there are many different skill levels of the two instruments. With people able to Buy Harp Online, the opportunity of beginners learning them have risen quite much. This is really important in preserving the instruments for the generations to come.

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