2017 Wall Art Trends

Who doesn’t like to have stylish things? Right from our clothes to gadgets and even cars, we look out for the most stylish pieces, but why do we tend to neglect the trends when it comes to our home and its décor? If you have guests coming over, then your premium selection of cars on the entry, the magnificent structure of your home might surely impress them but the impression would surely vanish into thin air as soon as they see dull and boring walls of your living room! Walls are more than an edifice to your entire place. They give an opportunity to you to express your style and personality. Art lovers across the world have been decorating their walls with beautiful paintings. Decorating them has nothing to do with money. If paintings aren’t your cup of tea then you can surely buy art prints online as they are a better economical alternative. Whichever thing you might end up choosing, there are a few trends which are sizzling in the year 2017 and you can certainly incorporate them in order to create a unique style.

  • Patterns:
    Patterns are in at the moment. Whether they are black and white or multi-coloured abstract paintings, patterns are a trend which is surely here to stay. One thing which needs a little extra attention is the combination of patterns. The artwork and wall must complement each other and their textures must also match. Contrasting patterns in solid colours help in giving depth and drawing attention. Think of a beautiful black and white abstract painting in your kitchen which matches perfectly with the white tiles and cabinets of your kitchen. Once you put that painting then walking into the kitchen to make your favourite peanut butter sandwich won’t look like a task anymore!
  • Statement art piece:
    Something’s never go out of style and a statement art piece is one of them! You can never really go wrong with a statement art piece which matches the theme of your space. Having a standalone model is one of the easiest ways of creating a statement. It is one piece which draws all the attention and covers the flaws of even the most boring décor! If you feel that your room is lacking a pop of colour then a statement piece can become your new best friend. However, it isn’t necessary that you spend your entire bank balance on getting a piece of art that you adore. Most certainly you can get art prints online and it is a cheaper way of adding that extra splash of colour to your room. Large statement pieces are going to steal the show this year as they are able to provide that extra “wow” factor to the entire space!
  • Nude art:
    There are no doubts about it that nude art is one of the most searched and famous genre of paintings. Few people have a taste for this thing but this year you are going to see a lot of magnificent pieces in this domain. For sure this is a bit tricky area as nude paintings aren’t suitable for all places and themes. It is extremely important to find those pieces which perfectly fit into the style of the space. You can incorporate this trend easily with a few ideas. People are purchasing nude art prints online in all sizes. A small portrait is a perfect fit for a bathroom or bedroom; particularly an impressionist style one would certainly look good. In the common area a large-scale nude portrait might do the trick. Styling such portraits might look difficult but it isn’t.
  • Sculptures:
    With everything going three dimensional, art isn’t left behind. This year people are preferring art in 3D. A sculpture is able to give an entirely different look and feel to the entire room. Whether you choose to place a life-size sculpture near your staircase or a set of small sculptures on shelves, irrespective of the place where you keep it, sculptures are capable of giving a different look to the space. There is no hard and fast rule defining the size of a sculpture. The details on small sculptures are eye catching, while the big ones are more impact. Based on your taste you can choose either or a combination of both.

There are all sorts of things trending in the art industry but these four are surely the ones to look out for. Whether you purchase a big size painting or choose to buy art prints online, in both the ways you can grab a lot of attention. Art can surely keep you stylish without burning holes in your pockets and these trends will help you maintain your smartness.

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