13 Exciting Furniture Facts You Cannot Miss

Read and enjoy the following interesting furniture facts:
1) Furniture stands as the third most expensive item British people buy, after house and car.
2) Glass materials in home furnishings were first introduced in the Victorian Era. Display cabinets with glass doors and glass coffee tables became prevalent in the 1950s.
3) Charles Darwin is one of the earliest inventors of our modern day office chair.

4) Kings, in early times, used to sit on high chairs, known as thrones whereas the commoners would sit on stools, benches, and stones. Imagine the name, Game of Chairs!
5) If that sofa in your living room is more than eight years old then perhaps it’s time to say a goodbye. The average lifespan of your sofa is 2,958 days. Moreover, an eight years old couch hosts around 782 visitors in its entire lifespan. An average sofa suffers 1663 spillage with tea or coffee being spilled on it most of the times, after wine.
6) The oldest bookcase in the world is at the Bodleian Library at Oxfordshire University, one of the oldest European libraries in the world.
7) Bernard Castro invented Castro Convertible in 1931, and this led to the evolution of modern sofa beds. William Brouwer developed the first sofa convertible frame in the United States. This eventually became a worldwide famous furniture item.
8) People used ‘beds’ in ancient times, much before 3600 B.C. Earlier it was made out of natural materials like palm leaves, straw, or animal skin. The very first modern wooden bed came into existence in the 12th century.
9) Rocking chairs were invented in England in 1725. It was believed to be originated by Benjamin Franklin, but some historians said that at the time of its invention, Benjamin Franklin was only a small child thus this fun fact creates a contradiction.

10) I am sure your life is not as ‘rocking’ as Dennis Easterling’s as he holds a world record of 480 hours non-stop in a rocking chair. He is from Atlanta, Georgia.
11) Tables were invented by the early Egyptians when they invented this furniture item to place objects and play games.
12) The Roman kings and the richest of all people used tables made from expensive items like precious gems and stones. The Romans called their tables as Mensa Lunata.
13) Some of the first developed office chairs were rugged in their design. They focused on comfort and ease. However, many employers kept these chairs in the workstations to ensure that the employees sit longer in these chairs and more work was completed in a day.

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