10 Things to Remember When Buying Frameless Glass Shower Doors

Glass shower doors are some of the most elegant looking more recent implementations of the shower spaces. They have replaced curtains or other separators for showers successfully and efficiently. One of their major benefits is their long lasting ability along with numerous different finishes including clear, freckled, tinted or frosted types. However, different types and shapes of them might suit different bathroom or shower settings differently and there are numerous factors that should always be focused on when looking to install them in your bathrooms.
Interior designers or home owners alike are always looking for beautiful and functional ideas in all the different parts of houses and bathrooms are no different. Here are a few things to remember when buying frameless glass shower doors:
1: Size and Dimensions
Being frameless, glass shower doors need to be installed in perfect sizes and dimensions because there is no frame cushion that can adjust a few centimeters here and there. The best thing is to measure the shower spaces more than once to ensure a perfect measurement, based on which the frameless glass shower doors can be cut. There are usually not many joints used in these types of shower doors with the only ones being the door sliders or cutouts. That is another reason their sizes and dimensions are required to be perfect when installing them. Later adjustments are simply not possible because of the lack of joints or frames.
2: Finish and Color
These are probably the most focused features of the glass shower doors. Different bathrooms have completely different color themes that require shower enclosures or doors to be in different color shades as well. If you are going for a clear type of glass, then there is not much to worry about in the color factor, however there are options available with a slight tint in the glass shades and still being clear enough.
Their finish is another very important factor when it comes to installing the right ones for each bathroom space. Options are available in the shiniest clear, freckled smooth or foggy frosted finishes, you have to decide which ones suit your custom requirements best and buy the ones that will look best with your color and design theme setting for the bathroom.
3: Fitting and Installation
It is easy to think shower doors as just pieces of glass and neglect their fitting equipment and tools altogether. However, they do need some necessary fitting joints, bolts and brackets that hold then in place. You must make sure that your shower door provider also bundles them in the packaging so that you don’t have to scout the market for these individual parts.
Additionally, good quality glass providers also offer precise installation for their products as well. Make sure to find a seller that offers all the add-ons as well in order to ease the process for you and ask them to install the glass shower enclosures or doors accurately making sure everything goes right where it is supposed to go.
4: Handles or Rollers
One of the most important things in the shower doors are their handles or rollers. These are responsible for letting people in by closing the doors or rolling them shut. Their quality and durability is pretty significant. You should always make sure to check their quality as well before making you decisions. Changing them every now and then can become a problem and additionally, these handles or rollers when not in good quality can also damage the glass materials as well by producing too much friction or causing too heavy jolts for the glass sheets. Additional to their material quality and durability, their design and finish should be checked as well. They are available in most color and finish options and the most suitable ones for your particular bathroom design should always be chosen.
5: Quality and Durability of the Glass
Probably the most important factor when buying glass shower doors is the quality and durability of the glass sheets themselves. The quality of the glass can be checked easily by ensuring there are no bubbles or apparent cracks in it at all. For the durability, you should always get a warranty from the supplier that should ensure its long life and easy replacement in case the durability doesn’t hold up to the mentioned standards.
6: Seals and Edges
It is really important to keep all seals and edges completely shut when installing the glass shower doors. Your provider should include materials or methods that should guarantee complete insulation of the inside and outside spaces to not let any water leak through. Water leaking into the other side can cause water damage to the bathroom and also many cleaning problems for you as well. This is one of the more significant things to remember when buying frameless glass shower doors.
7: Easy to Fit
The glass shower doors should be easy to fit. They should have step by step guide included in them and provide easy fitting as well. All the brackets and screws should always be in correct sizes and all the fitting instructions and required bolts and nuts should be included as well. If you can handle a drill yourself there should be no need to call an expert and even if you do call an expert, they should be able to complete the fitting easily and in the correct manner.
8: Easy Clean Glass
The quality of the glass is closely related to this feature as well. The surface should be easy to clean. Keep in mind that there are bad quality glass sheets available that don’t have smooth surfaces and are prone to getting dirty and staining a lot. You should always check the smoothness of the glass surface to ensure it is easy to clean off any stains that may develop on it. A glass cleaner and a regular swipe of a clean cloth should be enough to clean the surface.
9: Glass Designs or Appearance
Glass sheets and ultimately glass shower doors are available in plenty of designs and appearances. The choices are so wide that there should not be a problem of finding the design that doesn’t go well with your bathroom theme and design. Good quality sellers like Fab Glass and Mirrorprovide glass shower doors in numerous design options including embossed designs or frosted designs. Choose the ones that suit your bathroom best. Selecting a glass door just because its design is beautiful is not quite enough most of the times, you should focus on a design that suits your own bathroom design perfectly.
10: Delivery
Delivery is something only quality providers offer with their products. You should be able to get your selected shower doors delivered to your address especially when buying online free of charge. Additionally, there should be no delays in the delivery as well, again fab glass and mirror provide free on-time delivery for all their major products.

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