best steak in Abu Dhab

What to Order With Steak: The Best Side Dishes That Satisfy

While a steak dinner may be the perfect item for any occasion, the same can’t be said for every side dish. Some side dishes, though mouth-watering, are seasonal and only available according to regionality and locality. But no matter the side dish you choose, it should perfectly complement a beautifully grilled steak. Whether you are […]

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club kachori recipe

Best kachori recipes of North India

Kachoris have always been a favourite breakfast recipe of North India. A round-fluffy kachori which is full of lip-smacking masalas is a perfect mixture of crispy and crunchy. The best they are accompanied with different types of chutneys or alootamatarsabzi. It comes in different flavours. Some are stuffed with some vegetables such as potatoes and […]

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Way2flowers Innovative Cake Ideas for Purchasing Delicious Cakes

When it comes to wedding cakes the best thing about them is the cakes are decorated in different layers and the most popular layers’ cakes are generally used in the wedding anniversaries. These wedding cakes can make your mouth watering and they are delicious too. With the improved techniques lot of innovation has been even […]

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