Planning a trip to Shillong? Here are places you can’t miss out on

One of the most popular hill stations in India is nestled in the Northeastern region of the country. The hill station of Shillong is gaining prominence in the tourism scene of India and is showing no signs of slowing down. This article discusses all that you need to know for your trip to this beautiful hill station.

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Shillong? The hill-station of Meghalaya with stunning landscapes? If that is your first thought, you are spot-on! However, there is something many people do not about this pretty hill station which was recently voted, ‘India’s favorite hill station’, that is, Shillong used to be the capital of Assam, until Meghalaya parted ways from Assam and with it took away its capital city. With Shillong and the rest of the hilly regions of Meghalaya gone now, there is nothing much to see in Assam anymore. Shillong is one of the most romantic places in India and its entire landscape, apart from the pristine natural beauty, is dotted with beautiful British style cottages. There are so many places to visit in Shillong, and mentioned below are some of the best you cannot miss to visit on your trip to this pristine destination!

Elephant Falls

One thing you will notice in Shillong is that, the hill station is blessed with beautiful natural landscape making up of picturesque hills and waterfalls. One of the most beautiful of all the waterfalls you should visit in Shillong is the Elephant falls. It makes for a great picnic spot or simply a place to visit and admire the beauty of nature at work.

Ward's Lake

With beautiful waterfalls comes great lakes. The Ward’s lake in the heart of the city is one sight that will you make you stop and simply gaze at it for a few minutes as you walk by the busiest part of the city. You can buy some popcorn or chips from nearby shops and head to the bridge to feed the fishes. You can do this while going on a boat ride in the lake. You could also simply some time in the beautiful garden near the lake to simply have a relaxing time.

Umiam Lake

Unlike the Ward’s lake set in the heart of the city, this lake is set a little further from the hustle and bustle of the busy area of the city. Umiam Lake, widely known by locals as Barapani (which translates to big waterbody), is one of the most mesmerizing experience you can take back from your trip. The view of sunset from this lake is simply transcendent. This lake is fed by various streams and other popular rivers of the region.

Shillong Peak

Don’t be fooled by it’s name, there is good news! The Shillong Peak can easily be reached by a car, a luxury you will not get in any other hill station in India. This place is a must visit and the crème de la crème of any other places to visit in Shillong as it will give you the panoramic view of the entire landscape Shillong is so popular for!

Shillong cannot be reached by a flight or train, however, the good news is, Guwahati lies less than a 100 km away and you can catch a train or flight from this city. Get your train ticket booking online for Guwahati and make your way to India’s favorite hill station!

Increase Internet Security Level with Application Control Software

In the present arena, corporate network security tends to be the core of the pressing issues that the companies are facing. Malicious programs, designed to cause damage to the organizational data, might come in effect and leave a negative impact on the reputation as well as financial condition of the organization. Whilst there are plethoras of IT companies which provide security solutions, they tend to consume high maintenance costs. However, this does not mean that they will definitely provide guaranteed solution in the cases of security attack, especially if the attack is targeted. In this write-up, we will basically focus on an alternate security approach for safeguarding the organizations from outside threats-Whitelist Security.

Whitelist Security

Whitelist Security Approach, in the future, is going to be one of the key elements for ensuring security of the organizational data with Application visibility and control. Organizations which deploy this approach are not only able to protect their network from the unknown threats, but will also enable the admin and the IT engineers to manage the unwanted and unlicensed programs. It enables the admin to accomplish the below-mentioned tasks:

1. Controlling (Block, allow, restrict or audit) the launch of applications in the systems that comply with the security policies of the organization.

2. Receiving data regarding the file status from software developers.

3. Guaranteed and steady operation of permitted and clean applications.

4. Management of categories of software rather than the specific applications.

5. Managing and controlling the problems that arise if an application gets blocked.

6. Streamlining the usage of organization’s IT resources and controlled usage of 3rd party software.

Whitelist Security Vs Anti-Virus

Software which is not classified either as safe or threat by anti-virus company is placed in the category of Status Unknown. The unknown software containing malicious codes are the most dangerous and challenging for the anti-virus programs to detect. Even though the developers continue to develop more and more anti-virus, these programs pose the greatest threat to an organizational data. The antivirus companies remain in sync with the malicious virus developers; developing a new anti-virus for every virus that is introduced. The traditional approach i.e. the deployment of anti-virus, basically targets blocking of threats like malicious software.

However, there have been times when these traditional measures did not proved to be powerless against the new attacks and threats. Therefore, corporate and organizations look for new solutions for ensuring the safety of their data and prevention of the data breach. This is where the alternative security measure for the application visibility and control, Whitelist Security Approach. It is the method which allows only those programs to run, which have been included in the whitelist and Importance of Application Whitelisting. As a result, the programs which are malicious cannot be launched in the system.

Whitelist security approach is not only an effective resource for application visibility and control, but is also a great protector against the malicious and unknown attacks, even if they are targeted. Thus, it is the best solution for ensuring that your organization is safeguarded from the unknown threats.

Top Reasons to Hire Professional Commercial Designers

When we talk about commercial spaces all we can imagine are tall buildings with impressive glass facades that impress us with their architectural magnificence. It often surprises us to step into these colossal structures and then be confronted with empty walls, cubicles and desks. Most office builders tend to forget that the interior of their commercial space is as much important as the exterior of their building.
You may excel at impressing the by-passers with the your building’s structure yet if you don’t pay attention to what’s inside, you will end up losing on making a good first impression to potential customers, clients and business partners who will visit your office. The interior designing of your commercial space can also have a direct bearing on the work environment of the employees. Thus, hiring professional commercial designers is one of the best options for the development of your office space. That’s not all; by leveraging the commercial design services of a good company you will get nothing but the best commercial design service.
Let’s go through some of the reasons why you should consider hiring a professional commercial designer for the transformation of your commercial space:
      1. Improvement in the aesthetics
The main aim of interior design service is to make a space livable through the enhancement of its aesthetics. A commercial space like an office may not be a home to the employees but it is equally important to make it aesthetically appealing. An office that looks good will have a positive impact on the employees’ productivity.

2. Maximization of the space through improved functionality
Commercial design goes beyond just decoration. For a space to be well designed, it is very important that it is functional. A well planned strategic design should result in reduced bills as the space will be utilized in the most productive way possible. By way of maximizing the utilization of the space, a well-designed commercial office should be beneficial to the company owners as well as the employees.

3. Building of a congenial work atmosphere
Company’s environment is a very important factor in retaining employees. A well-planned space that is designed with the employees in mind shall be fruitful for the company’s future. Conducive environment should also enhance the employees’ happiness levels.

4. Increase in your space’s resale value
Renovation of a space can increase the value of a space multifold. Thus, it is important that while building a commercial space you undertake the commercial design services of professional commercial designers so that your space sells at a good value should the need arise.
Those were the top reasons why you should opt for the best commercial design service to build your space. Make sure the next time you go for such services; you hire only the best professional commercial designers.

Implementing E-Learning System In The Institution

It has become important for every organization to impart learning to its employees and upgrade their knowledge related to the business from time to time. For such reasons, e-learning is considered to be a wonderful aspect, allowing the management to have the training conducted within the premises of the organization and not having the employees to go out elsewhere, thus reducing the cost of expenses involved in the entire process.

Offering interactive learning
Through instructor led classroom training, it has become possible for the candidates to get interactive sessions. In today’s digital age, no more is any instructor required to be present in person for conducting the classes, since the same can be done using the latest web technology and modern devices and gadgets. It is possible for the instructor and the candidates in two different destinations, be it in another part of the city, country or the world to carry out learning without any hiccups involved. As a matter of fact, with interactive learning, boundary between virtual and real has been thinning. For example, the trainee/ student assigned for learning a task from one of the renowned faculties present at the other art of the world can accomplish it comfortably using his/her desktop or laptop.

Enjoying the facilities
Besides getting trained to giving project demos, attending seminars or requiring having brainstorming sessions with the mentor, the internet and the advanced accessories do make it possible to make every piece of live learning to be mediated accurately. The online learning parameters do supersede high cost factor that pervades real time education aspects.

Benefits of e- learning platform
The e-learning platform is known to expand much far and wide so as to deliver a proper interface between tutor and the student, irrespective of their geographical location. In this manner, all conventional hitches / snags that accompanies the management in having the candidates to reach the destination for getting learning is done away with.

It can be safely stated that e-learning does empower the tutor and the learner towards delivering and learning the very best knowledge possible, without having to compromise on anything. The technological platform has ensured that the huge global knowledge expertise potential that are widespread can be tapped easily and effortlessly. Online learning is said to cater to almost every cadre, be it the education industry or the government. Even corporate companies are benefited by it immensely.

Availing the best content development professionals
In order to make e-learning possible, it is important for the management to ensure that the best e-learning development company is hired for the purpose. A good and reputed as well as experienced development company would first try to understand the specific needs of its clients and accordingly come out with interactive learning contents that are filled with easy to understand and interesting simulations, interactive diagrams, games and much more that caters to education, hi-tech, healthcare industry and the government.

It is for this reason, the demand for e-learning development companies has been increasing across the globe.

The Friends in Utter Need Are the Friends in Real Indeed

During economic crunch, many valuable philanthropic accomplishments suffer because potential donors retain far less flexible income. Nevertheless, there is a very effective and significant way that businesses and individuals can help charities and philanthropies - volunteerism. Most people are still capable of volunteerism irrespective of the fact whether someone has suffered economically or not.

At Sun Capital Partners Foundation, we consider that one of the most significant investments is one that can aid someone reach their true prospective. According to Marc J Leder Sun Capital, who is the CEO of the company, since commencement, including many native educational and non-profits institutions, the Sun Capital Partners Foundation has maintained more than 250 organizations. BHH or Boca Helping Hands is one association that we have been most fortunate to support, as this prominent mission of local organization echoes our strong belief in indomitable philanthropy.  

By volunteering, people can make a valuable and significant contribution. Donors need to be choosy in their donations in tough economic periods. To examine how much actually goes to programming, a donor should look at the philanthropy’s financial information. Some outstanding local charities like Boca Helping Hands still have high operating overheads as a percentage of revenues, and the best way to make others want to donate, is by aiding the organization diminish its overhead, if one feels intensely about the organizations. That is another part where volunteerism is both worthwhile and necessary! Boca Helping Hands offers various Programs:

Service: Boca Helping Hands provides services to benefit families, individuals and children during times of emergency, need or crisis.
Compassion: To help people improve their lives, Boca Helping Hands serves with compassion in supporting people in need.
Dignity: Boca Helping Hands fosters self-respect, dignity and self-esteem in every individual who seeks our services.
Self-Sufficiency: To help people in need gain self-sufficiency, Boca Helping Hands offers the resources necessary.

Between the non–profit and corporate worlds, the collaboration with Sun Capital Partners is a prototype for all collaboration. Their commitment to ease hunger and poverty in our community is stirring. According to Marc J. Leder Sun Capital, not only has Sun Capital dedicated its corporate capitals but their employees have volunteered their time and organized food drives at Boca Helping Hands, filling up pantry bags in the warehouse or working in the soup kitchen. During these trying times, this sort of corporate responsibility is exactly what USA needs.

A benefactor should make sure that any charity or philanthropy is dutifully discharging its responsibilities, and endeavoring to fulfill its mission, both efficiently and effectively. Our officials like to rhetorically support significant causes, but many of these mandates and causes become unfunded, and philanthropies and charities must make up the funding distinction. There are many convictions that urge charity as a dogma of its faith. Both in good time or bad, if each of the individuals would make their own pledge to maintain a least possible percentage of donations, there would be less suffering and the world would be a better place to live.